• Texas Curb Cut
    Our custom-built curb cutting machines are simply revolutionary in quality and accuracy. Our curb cutting specialties include: widening driveways, creating driveway approaches, establishing ADA (wheelchair accessible) ramps, and bridge parapit wall cutting.
  • Texas Cutting & Coring
    We provide concrete cutting and coring services for any size construction project. Our specialties include: Diesel and electric flat sawing, control joint sawing, soff cutting, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, and break, removal and demolition. Be sure to ask about our concrete scanning before you core!
  • Texas Concrete Sealing
    Almost all damage to concrete is attributable to moisture intrusion: alkali-silica reaction (ASR), chemical intrusion, freeze/thaw, and corrosion of reinforcements. Protect your next construction project with Texas Concrete Sealing. We specialize in control joint and expansion joint sealing.
  • Texas Concrete Scanning
    Scan before you cut to locate hidden obstructions in concrete! Concrete scanning - also known as GPR scanning - provides a real-time internal view of concrete slabs, walls and structures. The process is safe (no radiation), accurate and considerably more time efficient than x-ray.


Texas Cutting & Coring announces “5” Years of Service.

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Texas Cutting & Coring announces a new Service Manager!

Congratulations!  Justin Ketchum has recently been promoted to “Service Manager” over the Round Rock, TX (Division). Justin brings years of…

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Early-Entry Joint Sawcutting Provides

As one thinks back over the past 30 years, a number of innovations have significantly changed and improved the way…

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Texas Cutting & Coring announces a new Field Supervisor!

Congratulations! Hugo Montoya has recently been promoted as our newest “Field Service Supervisor”. Hugo spent most of his career working…

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